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Mailing Address: 268 Woodward Lane, Fort McMurray, AB T9H 5K8

Tel 780 714 6600 – Cell 780 838 4198


FaceBook/LinkedIn: Anas Eljamal


Background Information

Academic Degrees


Masters Degree, Quality Management, University of Wollongong, Spring 1998.

Graduate Certificate, Total Quality Management, University of Wollongong, Spring 1997.

Bachelor of Sciences, Computer Science and Mathematics, American University of Beirut, Fall 1985.

All my Degrees are accredited by the Government of Ontario through the World Education Services (WES).

Professional Certificates

2011:        Certificate in Emerging Technologies for Learning, University of Manitoba (to be completed in Aug 2011.)

2011:        Completed a MOOC (massive online open course) on Connectivism and Networked Knowledge.

2009:        Moodle Online Administration and Course Design, Remote Learner Inc.

2008:        Business Continuity Planning, Recovery Planner Inc.

2007:        Agile Project Methods, Berteig Consultancy.

2007:        Administration of Centralized Wireless Systems, Aruba Inc.

2006:        IT Security, Cobit 4.0, ISACA.

2005:        SuperNet Operation, North Alberta Institute of Technology.

2004:        Work Health and Safety Certificate, Alberta Government.

2003:        Global eLearning Workshop from M.I.T., Boston, Learning International Network Consortium.

2002:        ICDL Center Manager and Assessor, UNESCO.

2001:        Independent Learning Skills, Higher Colleges of Technology.

2000:        Judging Quality Award, Dubai Quality Award, Dubai Economic Department.

2000:        Leadership in Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education.

1995:        Facilitation Training Certificate, Instructional Skills Workshop Group, Higher Colleges of Technology.

1994:        Training the Trainers Certificate, Instructional Skills Workshop Group, Higher Colleges of Technology.

1993:        Oracle Advanced Application Building Certificate, Oracle.

1990:        Curriculum Development, Higher Colleges of Technology.

Professional Membership


AAHEIT: Alberta Association in Higher Education for Information Technology (

CANHEIT: Canada Higher Education and Information Technology Consortium

CANITDIRS: Canadian IT Directors network


ISACA: The Information Systems Audit and Control Association (

LIFIA: Learning Innovations Forum, (,

MIT-LINC: MIT Learning International Network Consortium (

ACCC: Association of Canadian Community Colleges (

IATHA: Institute for the Advancement of Teaching in Higher Education (

CIOCAN: Chief Information Officer Association of Canada: (           

Work Experience

January 2009 to Present 

Organization: Keyano College (

The Title: Director of Learning Innovation

Duration: Since January 1st, 2009.


Description of the Job: Promote excellence in Learning and Instructional Design to ensure Keyano College is a leading post-secondary institution in these areas. Administer the Program Review processes to maintain high quality delivery of academic programs. Develop and implement necessary training and professional development activities that inspire excellence in learning. Support innovations in promoting alternative teaching methodologies that contribute to students’ learning and success.

September 2005 to Present 

Title: Contract Trainer, in conjunction with my above position.

Organization: Corporate Training, Keyano College, Alberta, Canada (


Role: Offered training to employee of the Oil Sands in the fields of: Six Sigma, Project Management, Human Resources, Communication, Safety, Operation Management, Needs Analysis, Designing Training Programs, Leadership, Team Building, Staffing and other computer courses.


Designed the curriculum and training material for Project Management, Six-sigma, Needs Analysis, Designing Training Program, Safety, Communication and Human Resources. I was an active member in the team that designed PMP certified Project Management and CTSD Training certification. Developed and implemented a successful online WHMIS course for the staff of the College.

September 2004 to January 2009 

Title: Chief Information Officer

Organization: Keyano College, Alberta, Canada (


Role: As a Member of the College Affairs Committee, responsible for setting, implementing, leading, training and managing the ICT strategies of the college.

June 2000 to September 2004 

Title: Manager of Educational Technology and ICT Department

Organization: Higher Colleges of Technology, Dubai, U.A.E (


Role: As a member of the College Executive Team, assumed the role of Acting Director, was responsible for setting, implementing and managing the operation related to educational technology.

May 1992 to June 2000

Title Manager of Student Services and Computer Systems

Organization: Higher Colleges of Technology, Dubai, U.A.E (


Role: Managed the Student Services function which included student recruitment, student records and registrar. In addition, I managed the computer support functions of the college.

August 1989 to May 1992

Title: Faculty of Business Information Systems

Organization: Higher Colleges of Technology, Dubai, U.A.E (


Role: Teacher of IT courses (database, networking, applications and programming.)

Sep 1988 to Jul 1989

Title Teacher of Computer Sciences

Organization: Ibn Khaldoon High School, Manama Bahrain (


Role: Teacher of programming courses for grades 5 to 9 and Sciences for Grade 5.  Developed teaching material for these courses.

Oct 1983 to Sep 1988

1) Title: Teacher of Computer Sciences and Mathematics

Organization: American Community School

Role: Teacher of Mathematics and Computer Sciences.

2) Title: Graduate Research Assistant in Computer Sciences

Organization: American University of Beirut (


Role: Teacher of computer science courses for freshman and sophomore years. Graduate assistant to professors in numerous computer courses. Managed the Computer Labs in the Department of Mathematics.

Mar 1981 to April 1983:

Title : Bilingual Industrial Instructor

Organization: Mitsubishi heavy Industries (

Role: Instructor of the operation and maintenance of Desalination control room.  Developed teaching and learning material for the trainees in English and Arabic.


Other Experiences

Training: Training and teaching is my passion. I taught courses even when I assumed management and leadership role to sharpen my saw. The courses I taught are:

§  Post Secondary Courses: Operation Systems, Human Resources and Staffing, Iinformation Systems, Object Oriented Programming, History of the Middle East, System Analysis, Computer Programming, , Software Applications, Database Development, Network Administration, Computer Hardware, Operating Systems, Data Structure, Programming with C++ and Pascal languages, Mathematics, MIS, e-Marketing, eCommerce and eLearning.

§  Adult Training: Project Management, Communication, Process Improvement, Training Program Design, Needs Assessment, Team Building and Synergy, Cultural Diversity, Teaching with Video-conferencing, Technology and Education, Digital Social Networking, Generation Differences, Change Management, Control Room operation, Desalination Operation and Maintenance.

§  School Courses: Computer Programming, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Physics and Elementary Sciences.

§  Training Program Design: I have developed training materials and resources for the above fields. This includes classroom teaching, field training and online delivery.

Instructional/Curriculum Design: Developed and implemented numerous curricula and courses for the college programs as well as K-12 syllabi:

§  College Curriculum: Developed the curriculum and related course material for the course of: network design, database design, computer literacy, independent learning courses and History of the Middle East.

§  School Curriculum: I was on the UAE ministerial committee that developed the framework of the IT curriculum of the K-12 program and I was actively participating with the development of many of the related course material.

eLearning: Developed and implemented various online materials for computer courses using WebCT, Blackboard and Moodle platforms. Some of these courses are: eMarketing, Internet programming, Database Design, Operation Management and history of the Middle East.

Assessment: Developed many online assessment using tools like Hot Potatoes and Respondus as well as an online system for ePortfolio assessment program for the first year college students.

Courseware: Developed numerous courseware materials to support classroom teaching using different multimedia packages and tools like HyperStudio, Authorware, ToolBook, Prezi, GoAnimate, YouTube uploaded videos, Moodle, Java, Flash, etc.

Application Development: Developed numerous student records applications that augmented Banner to facilitate tracking students’ academic progress like: Strack (an on-line Student progress Tracking System) AppTrack (an on-line application tracking system that monitors and analyzes student recruitment, application, registration, entrance examinations and student placement), Student-Staff Evaluation (tallies and tabulates the responses of students' evaluation of staff performance), PromoTrack (a student promotion tracking software that, interactively, helps the academicians to have accurate information about the progress of students during student promotion meetings), CertProd (automates the printing of certificates and degrees issued at the higher Colleges of Technology), StrackCounter (A letter production system that helps Student Services to produce student enrollment letters based on their academic status), ProgRevTrack, an Access application that facilitates review training and teaching programs and many Sharepoint to track projects.

Presentations in Conferences


Above list is in addition to numerous other presentations and workshops about the use of technology and media in education as well as other training on new methods of teaching, assessment, training and software application.

§  A presentation about “The Future of Education in the Wiki Age”, Alberta North Symposium, 2008.

§  A presentation about “Why Agrarian Students Fail our Educational System”, Alberta North Symposium, 2008.

§  A series of workshops about “Challenging the Obvious in Education”, Keyano College Leadership Program, 2007.

§  A presentation about “Wiki Learning Model”, Keyano College, 2007.

§  A workshop about “Culture and Innovation”, Center of Excellence for Research and Technology, UAE, 2007.

§  A workshop about “Management by Remote Control”, Work Force Development Supervisor’s boot camp, 2006.

§  A presentation titled: “How ‘knowledge technology’ improves cross-cultural collaboration”, Alberta North Symposium, 2006.

§  A presentation about “Human Resources Management in Multicultural Organizations, Wood Buffalo Human Resources Management Association, 2006.

§  Presentations about “The Google Boy: How Technology is impacting the learning behavious of the new generation” and “Cultural Spectacles: Methodologies of understanding the paradigms of different cultures”, Fort McMurray Public School Teachers Conference, 2005.

§  A series of presentations about multiculturalism in support for Fort McMurray Multicultural Association, 2004-2007.

§  A series of presentations an d workshops about “Use of Technology and Laptops” as part of the annual : Laptop Think Day organizes by HCT and Zayed University, 2003-2005.

§  A presentation on “Customizing Teaching for Individualized Learning”, LINC, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, February 2003.

§  A paper on “Challenges facing Gulf eLearning”, IBM Fly-in Conference, Zayid University, January 2003.

§  A paper on “Online assessment in a collaborative medium” in collaboration with a languages teacher, CTELT, May 2002.

§  A presentation on “The Blueprints of Educational Technology of the Future” for IBM professionals, May 2002.

§  A presentation about “The Future of IT from the perspective of Management and Education”, American University of Sharjah, February 2002.

§  A presentation about “Profiling Dubai Students success factors based on their high school culture”, to Business administration Advisory Committee, Dubai Men’s College, June 2001.

§  A paper on “the Role of Student Services record keeping in Increasing student success”, the Third Students and Academic Services Conference, Higher Colleges of Technology, May 2001.

§  A paper titled “Integrating NAPO Web-based data with the HCT Admission process”, the Second Students and Academic Services Conference, Higher Colleges of Technology, May 2000.

§  A paper titled “Integrating Decision Support Systems within the processes of Student Services”, First Students and Academic Services Conference, Higher Colleges of Technology, 1999.

§  A paper titled “Implementation of Technology in the Teaching of Higher Education”, Higher Colleges of Technology Annual Conference, 1995.

§  Workshop on “Migrating Ron Kaufman’s concepts to College Student Services”, Dubai Men's College, 1998.

§  Workshops on “Facilitation of Instructional Skill Workshops”, Higher Colleges of Technology, annually since 1994.



Provided upon request.