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I joined the Higher Colleges of Technology as an instructor for Business Information Technology. I taught the following courses: Computer Applications, Databases, Networking and the programming. I contributed to the creation of all related computer courses. The college was new, so I had a lot of fun feeling proud being one of the founders. Bob Berhnardt, my first Canadian Boss, was a great visionary leader who helped me develop myself into the education realm. His boss, Norman Gray, was my inspiration who had the rare talent of making the impossible happen... he taught me all I know about management and leadership. I received the Outstanding Award for the year 1990. I was an active instigator into introducing the GUI environment where the mouse, and not the keyboard, becomes the main driving force behind the computer. The challenge of convincing other teachers to accept the new paradigm, consequently, changing their curriculum to fit, taught me many lessons that proved helpful to sharpen my management skills... especially the experience of hardening the heart when leading change.



Anas Eljamal Resume