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 Still in Saudi, Israel invaded Lebanon in August. I was worried about my family. My uncle Ghazi said he lost my grandma (his mom) and he hoped I can find her. He suspected that she might have traveled to Syria. I took the plane to Damascus and spent few days looking for her. I did not know anyone there. Luckily, I discovered we have a large family living there and they helped me to look for her. But she was no where to be found in Damascus. Then I headed to Zabadani, a small town on the way between Beirut and Damascus thinking that the Lebanese who flee the country might go there. Again no luck. Before I give up, I remembered my father mentioning Bloodain. It turned out it is near by town. I decided to go there. When I gave up finding her, I called my uncle trying to tell him that I failed! While talking to him, a little boy came to me and said: "Are you looking for a Lebanese lady, there is one who is living with us. Is it she?" I followed his lead and turned out to my lost grandma. She left Lebanon and moved to Bloodan waiting for the invasion to end. It was a memorable adventure.

 I continued to Beirut to know about my family. The taxi driver dropped in Sawfar and said he cannot continue any further because of the war. I had to walk between Sawfar and Bhamdoun... across the front line. Leaving the Syrian behind me and the Israeli in front me. Bodies of dead Syrian soldiers across the road. it was atrange that I had to prove my identity to two non Lebanese armies while I am Lebanese. I reached my grandparents house in Bhamdoun and found all my family there. It was a great relief. I spent 2 weeks there where I met new friends. One of them is Lina.



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