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My father and uncle got me a job in Saudi Arabia as a bilingual instructor in a desalination plant. I joined a company called Mitsubishi Heavy Industries which turned out to be one of the big Japanese industries. I worked developing training material for the operation and maintenance of the desalination control rooms and the power generating plant. My boss, Sato San, taught me a lot about the professional world. I admired the Japanese culture of hard work although I was sort of black sheep. But they liked me. I used to live in Damam in my uncle house and travel to Jubeil every day. The 45 min drive was my relief. I enjoyed the high speed driving where I used to average around 150Km/h. The thrill was phenomenal. I had few almost fatal accidents, but some how I survived them. Still, I drove wreclessly until 1992 when I had my son. Then I became a relatively wise driver!



Anas Eljamal Resume