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Getting used to having another member in the famliy, made it easy for me to expect and welcome my new sister, Rola, who was loved from the first moment. What I remember from this experience: I am in the living room, my father was very anxious. My grandmothers going in-and out of my mother bedroom (yes, the delivery happened in the house and not the hospital!!). Some screams and extraordinary movement by this lady they called Mid-wife.. Then, my father with tears in his eyes, came out saying "beautiful, beautiful, she is like the moon, I will call her "'Amar" (which in his language means moon!). Then my grandmother came and told me: Mabrook, you have a sister. Her eyes are blue!

I remember, during my wait, I was reading Superman magazine... so, yes, I used to read at this age! I do not know when I really started, except that some time before, my father was proud in front of my uncle when I was able to read the newspaper... Which my mother claims it was when I was 5! I remember the incident... I do not remember the age.



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