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This year, marked a mileston: It was the year that I went to my first school, The German School. What I remember is the shopping trip to Khabaz (famous child clothing store) were my proud mother told the salesman: "get me the best suit for my son, he is going to school". This phrase scared me, as if I was going to another planet. I kept telling her: "I cannot go to school because I cannot read or write!" She used to laugh adding to my stress. Now I laugh!

What I remember of my school is that it was under a huge lighthouse... it was taller than the gaint of Jack and the Beans. They used to give us the best glass of milk in the morning and the the tastiest Orange juce in the break. The taste of their Christmas cake is still in my mouth. Till now, I am searching for the same taste. I remeber the Easter egg hunt, where I found 3 baskets and they made me return 2! It was in the outdoor field in Yarzi, a beautiful pine forest in the outskirts. From my friends, I remember Maha... who might have been my first love... ath this age? I wonder.



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