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TEDxTalk at TEDxFortMcMurray about Controlling Instincts.

Keyano College
A series of presentations about mobile learning,outsourcing learning, networked learning, MOOC, online blended learning.

Alberta North Access Symposium: 2 Presentations
(1) Why Agrarian Students Fail our Educational System
(2)        The Future of Education in the Wiki Age
Fort McMurray, May 2008.

(1) Center of Excellence for Research and Technology: Culture and Innovation , Dubai, U.A.E
(2) Keyano College Leadership Program: Wiki Learning Model, Alberta, Canada
(3) Keyano College Leadership Program: Challenging the Obvious in Education, a series of workshops that challenges educator’s to adopt new learning models.

(1) Wood Buffalo Human Resources Management Association: Human Resources Management in Multicultural Organizations.
(2) Alberta North Access Symposium: How “Knowledge Technology” Improves Cross-Cultural Collaborations.
(3) Work Force Development, Supervisors Boot Camp: Management by Remote Control.

(1) Fort Mcmurray Public Schools Teachers conference: (1) The Google Kid: how Technology is impacting the learning behavior of the new generation (2) Cultural Spectacles: Methodologies of understanding the paradigms of different cultures. 
(2) Keyano College: (1) Education in the Knowledge Age, (2) Mastering the Basics Series of Presentations: Email and Networking.

2004 - Present:
Fort Mcmurray Multicultural Association:
On Going Presentations related to multiculturalism and impact on teaching and learning.

MIT LINC Conference:
Educational Technology Challenges in the Gulf Countries. Massachusetts Institue of Technology , March 2003.

2003 – 2005:
Laptop Think Day – HCT and Zayed University
: Different presentations about the use of technology and laptops in teaching and learning.

IBM ThinkPad University Conference:
The Cultural Challenges facing implementing successful educational technology in the Gulf Countries.

American University of Sharjah
: Future trends of technology in teaching and learning

With Pat Colabucci
: Online Role Play Simulation as an alternative assessment

1998 - 2000:
Higher Colleges of Technology Conference
: Uses of Technology in the functions of Student Services and Registrar.

Numerous other presentations and workshops about the use of technology and media in education. In additional to training on new methods of teaching, assessment, training and software application.



Anas Eljamal Resume