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Full Name: Anas M. Souhail Eljamal
Wife's Name: Sana Elache
Children: Luay Suhail (Born 1992)
email: anas@eljamal.com
: anas.eljamal.com
Availability: Negotiable

Contact Information:
268 Woodward Lane
Fort McMurra, AN T9H 5K8


Takes initiative, flexible, persistent, resilient, passionate and consistently meets goals and expectations.

Snapshot of Skills 


  • Strategic planner and thinker.

  • Build effective multicultural teams.

  • Focus on team growth through coaching and one-on-one constructive feedback.

  • Manage change and conflicts through alignment of values.


  • Managerial courage, persuasiveness and influencing.

  • Project management through agility, collaborative planning, execution and acumen.

  • Strong delegation skills based on team competencies.

  • Manage through growth of team members.

  • Strong and effective analysis and problem solving.

  • Expert with TQM, 6Sigma and other collaborative productivity techniques.


  • Thorough knowledge and working experience with diverse cultures and religions.

  • Research related to comparative analysis between cultures and religions and their relationship to creating productive working and learning environment.

  • Synergize multicultural teams and groups to achieve harmony through diversity.

Information and Communication Technology

  • Expert in designing, operating and implementing varied ICT infrastructure for learning purposes (for education as well as for organizations).

  • Expert knowledge in all aspects of hardware and software implementation that aligns with vision and working competencies.

  • Focus on the use of technology for collaboration, increased productivity and meeting stakeholder expectations.

  • Avid admirer of the cloud technology and its potential for learning purposes.


  • Varied experiences with different learning theories for adults and children.

  • Design and implement face-to-face and technology enhanced delivery models.

  • Expert in applying learning technologies for education and organizations.

  • Design and implement courses and curriculum for face-to-face, blended and remote education.

  • Competent in addressing the needs for mixed generational learning groups. .

  • Expert in the emerging learning technologies like MOOCs, connected learning, collaborative learning and social learning

  • Expert in implement education reform and evolution strategies for K-12 programs.

Academic Degrees

Doctor of Education, University of Liverpool, UK, in progress

Masters Degree in Management, University of Wollongong, Australia, Spring 1998.

Graduate Certificate in Total Quality Management, University of Wollongong, Australia, Spring 1997.

B.Sc., Computer Science and Mathematics, American University of Beirut, Lebanon, Fall 1985.

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