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My Job at Keyano


Organization: Keyano College, web site: www.keyano.ca

The Title: Chief Innovations Officer

Duration: Since 1 January 2009.


Description of the Job: Set, develop and monitor strategic plans for the evolvement and the enhancement of innovation in teaching and learning. Foster the use of technology in the teaching and learning functions of the college. Support the development of faculty in the areas of teaching and learning, curriculum development, assessment, and instructional design for eLearning. Promote and support innovative training, teaching and learning methodologies that align with the strategic goals of Keyano College.


  • Established the Office and formed the Team.
  • Developed essential operational controls.
  • Collated and coordinated present educational technology initiatives.
  • Ran speaker-events related to educational technology.
  • Formed Early Adopters’ team.
  • Formed Apply Enthusiasts team.
  • Established Contact with Fort McMurray Community through Keyano Foundation.
  • Established contact with provincial community.
  • Developed funding strategy with the Foundations.
  • Ran numerous series of Educational Technology training workshops for the majority of Faculty.
  • Formalized the formation of teacher technical support team.
  • Completed the necessary infrastructure needed to operate Moodle as our LMS.
  • Started piloting Moodle content to complement classroom delivery.
  • Started migrating old WebCT and Blackboard courses to Moodle.
  • Obtained the approval for a 3-year plan for implementing a comprehensive eLearning strategy.


Organization: Keyano College

The Title: Chief Information Officer
Start date: 15 September 2004

Number of Employees: 9 IT Engineers serving 230 staff member and 1300 students.

Description of the Job: Establish a strong educational technology support and services function in the college and lead the implementation of futuristic knowledge technology that put Keyano College at the forefront of educational institutions in Alberta preparing an environment to graduate successful citizens of the knowledge society.

Achievement to date:

In the short period I have been working with Keyano College, I was able to achieve the following:

1- Restructured the department to 3 layers:

Level 1: The backend which manages IT infrastructure.

Level 2: The front end which offers services and support to the college community.

Level 3: Core business which partners with different departments and functions within the college to develop and put into use technologies that increase their efficiencies and productivity.

2- Introduced alternative learning technologies that complement the eLearning initiatives and meets the challenges of the college. One example is the Virtual Gallery which invites the community of Fort Mcmurray to contribute to the learning of the Applied Arts Students.

3- Introduced an industry based "Learning On Demand" teaching system that helps the apprentice of the Oil Industry to evolve academically and learn while they are on the job.

4- Introduced technologies to support remote collaboration among the students and staff of 8 remote campus sites.

5- Proposed 3 projects to enhance the use of technology in the administration as well as the teaching environments:

(a) A collaborative training program for the teachers

(b) collaborative training for the administration and staff

(c) Creation of IT steering committee with well structured work groups to address introduction of IT across the system.

Full details will be supplied upon request.



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