My Job at HCT

Organization: The Higher Colleges of Technology, Dubai Men’s College
Web Site:;
The Title: Manager of the Department of Information and Educational Technology.
Duration: From June 2000 till September 2003.
Reason of Termination: Offer from Keyano College.

Number of Employees: I had 13 employees on my team: 4 network engineers, 4 user Support Specialists, 2 software development and 3 educational technologists. In additional to coordinators from different departments and adjunct staff members.

Approved Budget: In the academic year 2003-2004, I was managing a budget of AED 22M, equivalent to CA$ 9M, for purchasing, upgrading and implementing new ICT and Audio visual infrastructure for the learning purposes of a new campus.

Goals of the Job: The goals of the department were to cultivate a technology-enhanced learning environment to prepare lifelong learners who can succeed in the knowledge society. Full job description could be supplied upon request.

Structure of the Department: To meet the objectives set for the department, I restructured it into 4 interwoven units:

The ICT Unit: The ICT team was responsible for the operation and maintenance of the ICT infrastructure. We designed, operated and implemented a state of the art infrastructure that is a world’s lead in educational technology. Since its inception, the following were the achievements of the unit:

User Support Unit (USU): The USU team was responsible for supporting the users of the college to ensure our IC technology is working to their advantage. The user support team received extensive training and professional development to focus on the learning process. They were actively involved in the teaching and the learning activities to keep their focus on the educational value of their job. The achievements of the unit are:

Application Development Unit (ADU): The ADU team is responsible for the development and maintenance of software applications required in the learning process. The achievements of the units are:

Educational Technology Unit (EdTec): The EdTech team was responsible for supporting the teachers’ needs to effectively utilize technology in their classrooms teaching and learning activities. The achievements of the unit are:

Main Achievements in my HCT job: