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Managerial Experiences

Recruitment: During my career life, I have conducted more than 100 recruitment interviews and evaluation. I was an active member on the recruitment screening committee of Student Services, educational Technologies, Information Systems and IT teachers.

Finances: Since 1992, I have been responsible for budgetary finances that reached up to AED 22M (US$ 6M) as part of the different managerial roles I was involved with. I have developed and maintained accurate financial reports that continuously matched the financial records of my institutions.

Tendering and Purchasing: During my career life, I have initiated and supervised many tendering and purchasing activities. These activities included setting specification, issuing RFP (request for proposals) evaluation of proposals, awarding contracts, commissioning and follow up on warranties. The budgetary values of tenders reached up to AED 14M (US$ 4M) in a given tender.

Performance Evaluation: I am a rooted believer in 360 degree evaluation strategies. I have been involved in initiating and developing the policies and procedures of such a performance enhancement plans in my organization. I have successfully used these methodologies to improve the performance of my team.

Committees: I have served on numerous internal and external committees as a member as well as a chair. Many of these committees where at policy making level in student services and ICT functions.



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