Leadership Experience

Since 1992 I have been assuming different senior and leading managerial roles at the institutes of higher education in the following functions:

The requirements of my jobs specialized on strategic planning, implementation and effective operation of ICT resources in a collegiate environment. My main focus was always to increase learners' success and maximize the support functions for teaching and learning. I developed and executed plans to prepare groups and individuals to effectively use these technologies.

Implementation of these plans involved negotiation and consultation with various groups and individuals including high and middle level management as well as the coordination and conduction of numerous training workshops as outlined in details below.

All my managerial experience has been in a multicultural environments dealing with individuals from more than 30 nationalities. I have faced many situations where I had to manage amidst external and internal changes which gave me ample experience to lead in cultural changes.

The success of the functions and departments I have led are mainly due to outstanding efforts of the teams I have worked with, This enriched in me the art of leadership that capitalizes on the strengths and talents of individuals around me thus building strong teams to get results.