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Information, Computers and Telecommunication

Since 1981, I have been heavily involved with Information and Communication as a tool to improve efficiency in management and to enhance learning. My experience covers all ICT levels:

Management: I supervised and led teams of network engineers; system analysts; user support specialists; audiovisual technicians and educational technologists.

Telecommunication and networking: I have considerable experience with designing, purchasing and deploying information and communication technologies for educational organizations including network components; switches; security; telecommunications and data management. I have worked with teams of network engineers on designing, implementing, administering and supporting resilient network infrastructure, wireless technology, client computers and laptops. The support function involved developing and implementing remote troubleshooting and hardware management systems. I have experience with managing network operating systems of Novel and Windows NT- and the implementation of network management tools like Novell Zero Effort Network, Manage-Wise and IBM Tivoli.

Purchasing: I have experience and knowledge in planning for acquisition, replacement and support of classroom and administrative systems. I have designed state of the art classrooms where computer and audiovisual equipment were effective in the learning environment.

Programming: I have led a team of system analysts to develop educationally oriented software applications. I have strong knowledge and experience in programming with 4GL, Java, C languages, Pascal and Visual Basic .I have designed and implemented sophisticated databases for educational purposes using Microsoft Access, Oracle, ASP and PHP.

Internet: I have passion for Internet development, design and initiation of web sites using HTML, Java, Real Audio, Macromedia Flash, ASP, PHP and Intranet development.

Details of My ICT Experience

My experience ranged from developing database systems which assisted in the smooth operation of various college services to the implementation and use of Course Management Systems, Learning Management Systems (WebCT, Blackboard, and Angel), databases, networking, and internet based solutions. My Experience in leading teams of developers of technical solutions included:

  • Inventory Systems: An online, Internet based, Inventory Systems for the department of computer support.
  • Helpdesk Systems: an online, Internet based, teacher support system integrated with the college inventory system.
  • Student Records Systems: Developed the system requirements of a Student Records System used in tracking student academic results. Experience with SCT banner as well as Power Campus.
  • Internet and Intranet systems for application in educational processes like Educational Portals.
  • Student Email and Web Servers implemented for educational purposes.

Developing ICT Solutions

Besides the coordination and implementation of various IT solutions, I have personally developed the following solutions:

  • Strack: an on-line Student Tracking System which adds functionality to the Student Records System. It is a multi-user database application that tracks the academic progress of students (grades, warnings, academic standing, attendance and counseling).
  • AppTrack: an on-line application tracking system that monitors and analyzes student recruitment, application, registration, entrance examinations and student placement.
  • Student-Staff Evaluation tally software that tabulates the responses of students' evaluation of staff performance.
  • PromoTrack, a student promotion tracking software that, interactively, helps the academicians to have accurate information about the progress of students during student promotion meetings.
  • Matrixia, a program that facilitates the tracking of course of a given program at the higher colleges of technology.
  • CertProd: A program that automates the printing of certificates and degrees issued at the higher Colleges of Technology.
  • StrackCounter: An online letter production system that helps Student Services to produce student enrollment letters based on their academic status.


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