2011-Present (Completed Projects):

As part of my role as Owner and Learning Technology Designer at Silalink Enterprises, Keyano College, Alberta

a) Creating knowledge working environment for a Emirates Technologies in Dubai, U.A.E.

b) Implemented cloud technologies for small to medium organizations (Different organizations in Fort McMurray and Dubai.)

c) Consultation on IT and curriculum framework for K-12 reform committees for Ministries of Education  in Kuwait and UAE.

d) Organizational optimization consultation for YMCA in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

e) Instructional Facilitation Training for Keyano College.

f) Visioning and strategic planning for Leadership Wood Buffalo Alumni group.

g) IT infrastructure for a learning organizations: Istidama, Domus and Scope Engineering, UAE.

h) Digital Nomad Project: investigating the impact of technology on a traveller in the US. Part of a PhD global research project.

i) SAP Training for the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, Alberta, through Keyano College Corporate Training.

j) Consultation work for APEC, Kazakhstan through SAIT CALS in Calgary, Alberta. 

k) Market Research on behalf of Keyano College, Fort McMuuray Alberta on Oil Sands Employment outlook until 2018.  


Projects In Progress:

a) Implementation of MOOC courses (through Coursera, Udemy, Moodle and WizIQ).

b) Promoting Wikipedia editors activities in the Middle East.

c) IT learning infrastructure consultancy (Smart Learning Project in Dubai, UAE)

d) Active participant in the Learning Analytics movement.

e) Feasibility study for Chestcham International about Filipino Recruitment market in Fort McMurray. Alberta.

Pending Projects

a) Reform of K-12 IT curriculum for Jordan Teachers Association (Delayed).

b) Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning for the Government of Dubai (Delayed).

c) Design of Smart Home Technologies for Dubai Lifestyle Residential Compound (Cancelled).

d) Started PhD studies with focus on the impact of emerging neuroscience discoveries on Higher Education. 

2009 - 2011:

As part of my role as Director of Learning Innovations at Keyano College, Alberta

Established a learning innovation department at Keyano College that introduced online and remote learning technologies for classroom delivery, blended and remote learning. Integrated Moodle in the learning process and with the existing IT infrastructure. Provided appropriate teacher training programs. Established the policies and procedures for academic program reviews that involve external stakeholders.


As part of my role as CIO at Keyano College, Alberta

Revamped Keyano College IT&C infrastructure from coaxial to robust structured  and  WIFI technologies. Implemented cloud based operation with multi location data centers. Integrated rural campuses with the main campus. Implemented a “work from home” IT infrastructure. Upgraded Classroom technology to enhance face-to-face and remote learning. Introduced cloud computing environment through Sharepoint. Integrated and synchronized a wide spectrum of managerial software.


As part of my responsibility as Manager of Educational Technology at Dubai Men’s College

a) Worked with civil engineers, architects and IBM to create an IT enhanced college campus that provided emerging technologies like mobile learning, Citrix servers, laptops for students, video on demand and smart classrooms.

b) Set up an educational technology framework that focus on use of laptops in the learning process.


As part of my responsibility as Manager of Student and Computer Services at Dubai Men’s College

a) Designed, implemented and managed the IT infrastructure for the college.

b) Designed, Developed and implemented IT policies and systems for teaching management which included Student Information Systems (Banner), Student Tracking Systems (Strack) and Graduation Tracking System (GTrack).

c) Participated in setting the framework of Student Services and Registrar function which included developing policies, operations, standards and systems.

d) Managed the student recruitment processes that increased enrollment from 350 to 1100 students.

e) Implemented a placement and tracking policies and systems that promote student success.


As part of my responsibilities as Faculty of MIS at Dubai Men’s College

Participated with a Canadian team from Sheridan College to establish the Dubai Men’s College which is part of the Higher Colleges of Technology in the UAE. My role included creating and delivering the IT programs (curriculum, courses and assessment), setting IT infrastructure and electronic communication medium, establishing student services function through creating policies, procedures and operation. Creation of a sustainable student life activities.


As part of my responsibilities and assignment as Graduate Assistant at the American University of Beirut

a) Responsible for introducing structured IT infrastructure for the Department of Mathematics.

b( Implemented and managed a Unix based computing environment.

c) Member of the committee that was mandated to create the Computer Science at the American University of Beirut.

As part of my responsibilities as Teacher at American Community School

a) Created, taught and supported Computer Courses for Grades 10, 11 and AP studies.

b) Managed the Computer Summer Camp for children under the age of 7.

As a freelancer:.

a) Created the basic database operation for the United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL).

b) Developed the IT curriculum for Grades 3 to 5 using Logo programing language (Hariri Foundation).


Created and delivered the Operation and Maintenance curriculum for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries desalination project in Al Jubail in Saudi Arabia.